3D Artwork

This section illustrates my 3D Artwork. Currently exploring the use of Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Blender and Unity to create 3D, VR-friendly illustrations and experiences. The pieces below can be interacted with using your mouse but are best viewed using Google Cardboard, Oculus or another VR headset.

First Sketch

Simple forest as my first sketch in Tilt Brush. Used the matte hull brush. This is the best method for efficiency if exporting as a VR world etc. If just creating 2d cinematics, probably okay to add more detail using the other brushes.

tree matte hull brush

Forest Scene

A larger forest scene. Trying out some methods to give the illusion of space (e.g. fog!). Next up, exporting a cinematic video moving through the trees into the clearing!

forest fog

Tree Series: #1

First tree of a number of studies. This is Halloween-y, so fits for mid-October! The mix of wire and spike brush probably doesn't work too well, as the textures stand out as different. Will probably stick to one or the other for the next one.

tree series spike brush

Tree Series: #2

Second tree in the series. Used the icing brush. Relatively quick (20-ish minutes) sketch. Probably need to pay closer attention to the width of the branches for more detailed models. Not tackling foilage just yet.

tree series icing brush

Tree Series: #3

Third tree. Very quick. Used the matte hull brush. Should be efficient in VR environments, but not super detailed for cinematics.

tree series matte hull brush

Fionn Series: Intro

First cinematic piece combining Tilt Brush and Unity. Created a skybox of mountains to set the scene. Then played around with different tree types and sketched out a forest/cliff tunnel. Used the matte hull brush for the majority of large objects. Played around with some more detailed brush strokes, like velvet ink, to test out the efficiecy and effect when exporting to Unity. Used the Poly Toolkit (very buggy!) to import the sketch into Unity and applied additional colouring, effects and animation. Quick touch up in Adobe Rush before adding Titles and backing track. Happy with the overall flow. The actual sketch itself is very rough with minimal effort/time spent refining. Should be fun to see what a proper one might look like. Need to work on a storyboard first!

fionn series cinematics tilt brush unity

Halloween Ambience

Second cinematic piece with Tilt Brush and Unity. Trying out human-like models - so bad, it kinda works for Halloween (see here for why!). Used CapCut for lighting effects and Premiere Rush for various backing tracks, a magenta filter for added shadow and the title. I could have used so many different angles from this 3D scene. Might be worth revisiting and creating more content from it!

halloween cinematics tilt brush unity

Book Series: #1

Comparing differing brushes for creating a book scene to kick off the Fionn series. Left are wire brushes, right is the matte hulle brush, bottom is a marker. The matte hull seems solid, but it's tricky to get right and up close the detail is lacking. Also difficult to get the cavity for illustrations!

book series wire brush matte hull brush

Character Series: #1

Exploring techniques for character creation. Used the mirror tool and matte hull brush for the head and facial details. Used the diamond hull brush for the eyes and the wire brush for the hair. Planning on making a process video at some point for reference so I can remember how I made this!

character series wire brush matte hull brush mirror

Character Series: #2

Finished the first iteration of Fionn. Used a mix of the matte hull, diamond hull, icing, wire, shiny hull, lofted, spike and paper brushes. Very rough and ready, but I'll add to the Intro seen and reshoot before starting on the first scene! Must also remember to check out "The Táin" by Thomas Kinsella and Louis le Brocquy for inspiration.

character series fionn

Fionn Series: Background

Completed the scene which sets the background to Fionn. A combination of multiple brushes and nifty camera movements to bring the viewer into a book and the story. Playing with 2d and 3d visuals.

cinematics fionn tilt brush unity

My Personalised Mug (B. Fraser Original)

Experimenting with photogrammetry. First experiment. Took ~40 photos of the mug Dad made for me on the wheel. Point cloud, mesh and textures made using Reality Capture - 22c to export! Meshroom was feasible too, but quality is much better in RC.

photogrammetry reality capture

My Desk in the Lloyd

Experimenting with photogrammetry. Second experiment. This one trying to replicate my desk in the Lloyd building. 110 photos with my S10e. Took them pretty hastily just before leaving, so not much thought went into lighting, angles or details - just trying to make sure I got the whole scene. Tried out Meshroom and Reality Capture for creating the point cloud, mesh and textures. Meshroom takes ages (hours+), Reality Capture is quick enough (15-30 mins). Next up, want to try out Metashape and get the models into Unity/Blender for some VR interaction.

photogrammetry reality capture